Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summit 2010 - Session 6 - Dr. Zhao Xiao

.:Beyond Economy: China's Transformation with the Cross
Four Stages or Platforms that Countries can have Influence
1 - Economics Stage - China was everywhere
2 - Political Stage - China is on U.N. Security Council
3 - Sports Stage - China hosted Olympics
4 - Faith Stage - Rarely see Chinese influence

Leadership is not just about influence. It also must be about thgoing the right direction

We must recognize, accept change.

What is the significant change between now and 500 years from now?
The most significant thing in the 20th century is not the two world wars or the rise and collapse of the soviet union. It is the rise of china because it will influence generations centuries into the future.
I don't like using the phrase China "rising up," but rather that China is "coming back."
If you look at the last 5000 years as a footrace, china was in the lead for most of the race, but fell behind over the last 2 laps. It is now catching up again.

There is no such thing as a "Chinese Dream," so no other country (particularly in Asia) will follow China. The American Dream is more than just cars and houses, it is the values behind them. People love America around the world because of these values.

There are only 2 kinds of transformation in the world
Transformation with the cross
Transformation without the cross

Every significant national prominence has come from a nation that was transformed with the cross or was influenced by a nation that was transformed with the cross.

America has built a city on a hill that has shined throughout the whole world, the light of Christ.

Per Capita Missionary sending
#1 - Singapore
#2 - South Korea

I believe that I will see the day that the Leadership Summit will be hosted in China.

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