Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summit 2010 - Session 4 - Craig Groeschel interviews Tony Dungy

.:The Mentor Leader
"Stubbornness is a virtue - if you're right."
Being a pastor is similar to being a coach:
  • What do you do the rest of the week?
  • People watching can call better plays from home (or the pew)
  • You can work yourself into the ground.
Known for encouraging a life of balance
  • We are going to win, but you can't make football your life.
  • You can be passionate about it, but you need to have other interests.
What would you do to show your people how to live a life of balance?
  • I would show you what I do in my life
  • The building is always open to bringing your family (especially kids) to work
  • Let's be efficient with our time
  • Don't mistake hours for productivity
  • Don't feel guilty going home at a decent hour
What do you say to someone who says, "I want to be mentored, but can't find one."?
We have to be available to mentor people
Find people you admire and ask them for advice (even if it's for just a conversation)
Everybody should have a Paul in their life and everyone should have a Timothy

What does mentoring look like?
It depends on the mentor - they need to look at what the mentee needs and leverage knowledge to help them.
It doesn't need to be formal, but the informal part is often more prominent and powerful.
Don't worry about knowing all the answers
Developing a relationship is the key

Biggest life-changing moment:
I was going to quit my high school team over a dispute with my coach. I thought he was wrong - I still think he was wrong.
My Junior High principal called me and said, "Why would you let anyone stop you from doing something you enjoy?"
No matter where you are in life, one word can have a huge impact and you might never know it.

What type of a person should you look for to invest in?
When you see someone in a work environment or in our community with potential, connect and offer your advice or leadership to them.

Who was the most important mentor/leader in your life?
All of the people who have led me have led me to Jesus.
He's been the best leader, the best mentor I have ever been involved with.
Christ has shown us how to live and how to reach those who don't know him.

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